About us

For seventeen years, we have welcomed models into the family, collaborating with some of the world’s leading creatives to construct a world stage on Balinese soil and flourishing to become a one-stop shop for international image creation. Seamless productions are a luxury for some, but a necessity for our clients.

Representing a surprising pool of talent from Indonesia and around the globe, our creatives include celebrated photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists and a selective roster of professional models.

In a nutshell, we know how to make Bali work. Our intimate knowledge of the world’s most diverse archipelago allows us to put a wide variety of incredible locations on the table. When combined with our network of set builders, we can provide an endless number of exciting film and photographic possibilities.

About Michaela

A self-described ‘believer in magic’, Michaela MacDonnell is first and foremost a connector of people. In 1999, seven months pregnant with her son, Jetsun Rama, she responded to the burgeoning needs of the Bali market and began to bring professional models to the island.

“I’ve always sought to push the boundaries of production in Bali, bringing more creative and talented individuals here to ensure world-class delivery on the island that we love so much,” reveals Michaela.

Drawing on her production roots of circus and event spectaculars, Michaela helped to form a warm, open and supportive professional community. Deeply passionate, Michaela sees each day as an adventure in which she and her team support each other in creating miracles.

“By acknowledging that every one of us is a miracle, we allow our staff, talent and clients to shine brightly and create miracles together,” adds Michaela.

About the team

The excitement and buzz in our Seminyak office is tangible, and the dedication and passion of our core professional team has made Balistarz the island’s leading creative agency.